A Human Certainty

Our brains cannot foresee the ultimate materiality of work in the beginning, it is something that unfolds through experimentation, going off the path of the original idea, and a connective movement between the object in front of us and ourselves. In this sense, I have a distrust towards my brain. I cannot comprehend its complexity, therefore I exaggerate its simplicity. A Human Certainty is a series of works developed in 2022 inspired by the complexity of human bodily processes, how they are non-accessible for the naked human retina, and about a reconciliation of the connection to the bodily through distortion.

To learn more about my research process, click here to read the full research document including literature and material research chapters.

Exhibited at Trompenburg, 5 October 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Exhibited at Operator Radio, 10 November 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Exhibited at Het Nieuwe Instituut, 16 - 22 January 2023, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.